Typewriter , 1934 Remington Portable No 2

This wonderful Remington Compact portable typewriter was made in November 1925 in the US and one of the most innovative features is its "pop-up" typebars which are raised for use via a side lever and lay back flat for storage.There is the usual Remington Portable logo on the top right and the wonderful round red Remington " To save time is to lenghten life " on the top left.  This one has the slightly larger " Pica " typeface so types with 10 letters to the inch.

The typewriter is in full working order and in a generally very good condition for its age with a nice black enamel gloss paint finish to its metal body .It does have some  signs of paint touch up but is generally is a very nice condition .The type bars raise up and it types well .The keys are all in a good condition and are all of a beautiful and classic black colour with chrome silver surrounds and vintage cream letters and numbers . We have given it a clean , service , adjusted and tested  it as well as fitting a new ribbon , so its all ready for you to take out of the box and start typing on . We also include a photo copy of a Remington Compact Portable instruction manual .

Group 1 typewriter ribbons can be purchased from us and cost $12.50 including  postage . You can purchase any manual typewriter ribbon for this machine and rewind the new ribbon onto its original metal spools you can use two tone red and black ribbons on this machine as well as other plain colours .A ribbon will last you a long time . To give you an idea , in an office environment with someone using a typewriter professionally a ribbon would have lasted  them around three  months.

The carry case is in a good condition for its age with just some signs of wear on both the inside and outside.We have fitted a new recycled leather handle which works well as does the metal closure and latch.It has it's original "Remington World Guarantee " label on the inside of the lid.

The typewriter measures 28 cms across by 28 cms deep and 8 cms high . 

This is a highly collectable working 1930's vintage typewriter with the pop up typebars in a wonderful shiny black enamel finish.

Delivery from our UK workrooms directly to you anywhere within Australia is included in the price . You just need to allow 5-7 working days for delivery.

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