Briony  October 25th 2016

I just picked up my glorious Swissa Piccola from the post office! I can't remember the last time I was so excited to receive one of those 'you have a parcel' notes! I fell in love with the Piccola the instant I saw it on your web page, and that love has exponentially increased over the past hour- wherein I wrote more easefully and joyfully than I have in weeks. "Swissa" feels like a wonderful old friend already :) And I'm greatly inspired by the thought of those who used her before me.

Thank you so much. For the existence of Charlie Foxtrot, and for your keeping these beautiful machines alive, and loving them, too! I so appreciate what you do, your philosophy, and your excellent customer service.


Amelia  20th October 2016

When my 14 year old daughter specifically requested a fabulous Underwood typewriter for christmas I didn’t like my chances of finding one - let alone one in good working order within my price range. Then I happened upon your store and it was sitting there waiting for me! Thank you for the swift delivery, it arrived within days and your email updates with postage details were perfect. The typewriter is exactly as in the photos and currently hidden away. On Christmas Day I expect there will be a girl by the beach tapping away on her new/old Underwood typewriter with no iphone in sight and an enormous smile on her face!


Rauf   September 26th  2016

Thank you for the Olivetti 22 typewriter. It is beautifully serviced and works
a charm. My kids are instant fans and have been typing on it fervently ever
since it arrived home.
Thank you so much. It's likely to be used well for decades and looks like
it'll last easily that long!
I look forward to long lazy hours on the weekends listening to vinyl and
typing on my new gadget.

Thank you for helping me slow down and enjoy more of life.

Michelle  July 16th  2016

Thank you so much for the amazing typewriter we purchased from you. The
condition is incredible, given its age, and your customer service was
exceptional. It was so well packaged and received promptly.

Thank you once again for a beautiful product that will be cherished for many
years to come.


Lindsay Feb, 21 2016
Only purchasing a typewriter ribbon

I was only purchasing a typewriter ribbon but from the attention and service I received, I thought I must have been spending hundreds of dollars. Highly recommended.


Vivien Nov, 13 2015
Beautiful typewriter with fast shipping!

This was my first time ordering a product from Charlie Foxtrot. The delivery was exceptional and the typewriter I bought was in mint condition. Although the typewriter was a gift, I may now consider purchasing one for myself!


Maja van Dijk Sep, 22 2015
The Best Gift - and Product EVER!

I bought this typewriter as a birthday gift for my sister, as she's always wanted one. Since she's opened it, she's absolutely loving it! She can't believe (me neither) that it's a legitimate 'old school' typewriter which functions 100%. You've helped make a wish come true, thank you for your gorgeous product! Keep up the good work!


Melissa Mangano Aug, 27 2015
Typewriter Singer 750 & Black 802 series Phone

I am very happy with my purchases! Both items in perfect working condition and have excited everyone in the household. I will be keeping an eye on the website for future purchases as this would be great a gift idea!


Travis Crozier Aug, 07 2015
The 1940 Underwood

Beautifully presented and in fine working order, the 1940 Underwood has struck a beautiful chord as its keys tap away to a sweet tune. This piece is everything that we thought it would be and is a welcome addition to our house and our love of fine instruments. Great store, and lots to choose from, will be back again soon. Happy Days


Janine Stone Jul, 26 2015
Typewriter Royal Portable

We are extremely happy with our purchase. All our youngest daughter wanted for her 12th birthday was a 'olden day' typewriter. She was so excited when she opened it on her birthday, and I must say the computer and Ipad have hardly been touched since she got it. Im pretty sure every family member has received a typed letter in the mail in the past fortnight. Thank you so much for your fast and efficient service, we will definitely be recommending you guys to everyone. Regards Janine


Christine Tipping Jul, 06 2015

I have bought a few things from here and every time it has been a wonderful experience. They are so helpful and both times I have received personalised messages included with my purchase which I found a really lovely touch