About Us


Back in 2012 we started selling our vintage and antique wares at Kirribilli market just next to the Sydney Harbour bridge. We had a few typewriters amongst our old bakelite phones , letterpress blocks and vintage cameras and we noticed a strange phenomena . Mainly young people and particularly teenagers would become quite breathless with excitement when spying a nice looking manual typewriter.

Since then we have found and got to know a small band of original typewriter technicians , collectors and enthusiasts and have cleaned , polished and restored literally hundreds and hundreds of portable manual typewriters from the 1920's through to the 80's to become Australia's premier typewriter seller.

We are passionate about what we do . It makes us happy that we are helping to get these wonderful old machines working again and that we are keeping them from getting added to land fill . We love hearing from people who tell us that they just can't believe their young son or daughter has asked for a vintage typewriter for their birthday or Christmas . We're not surprised , we hear it pretty well everyday ! We sell our typewriters and ribbons to people of all ages from the very young who are fascinated with the mechanical action , to creative writers and poets who just can't achieve the same quality of writing with digital technology , to scrapbookers and artists and to the perhaps more mature amongst us who are sick of computers and software upgrades and just want to write a nice letter !

In early 2017 Charlie Foxtrot expanded by opening in the UK , with Philip and Julie Chapman moving back to Wiltshire. Charlie Foxtrot in Australia is still based in Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW and operated by Bruce and Sue Walker. We also regularly have a Charlie Foxtrot pop up stall at Sydney's Kirribilli market and Canberra's Old Bus Depot market  . Please see the Contact Us page for details and dates .

We love to help our customers explore how the vintage analogue world can inspire and enhance a slower and better way of life and whether you are looking to add a piece of history to your house , buy a beautiful gift for someone special or seeking creativity in your writing we invite you to browse through our online store.

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