Typewriter, 1965 Hermes 3000

 This wonderful and iconic Hermes 3000 typewriter was made in Switzerland in 1965 and comes in the standard Hermes pastel green colour with mint green keys ,space bar and carriage knobs  .Hermes typewriters were designed and made in Switzerland by Paillard before production moved to Germany and then to Brazil . They have a good reputation as wonderfully engineered and made machines , as you would expect from the Swiss .This one is in full working order and types very well . It has the lovely Hermes " Director Elite " font .

We have given it a clean ,service, adjusted and tested it and fitted a new ribbon so its all ready for you to start typing on .

It is in an extremely good general condition with just a couple of very small marks mainly just at the left hand side close to the " Q " key . It comes with a copy of the original instruction booklet showing all its features and giving tips such as changing the ribbon and setting the margins  . The body of the typewriter  measures 32 cms by 33 cms by 14 cms high .

Group 9 typewriter ribbons can be purchased from many online suppliers or we can supply you with new ribbons when required . They generally cost around $12.50 including postage . However a ribbon will last you a long time . To give you an idea , in an office environment with someone using a typewriter professionally a ribbon would last them around 3 months.

This Hermes 3000 comes with a lid , but its actually an earlier model and although it fits down over the typewriter with no problems it is unable to be securely closed as the latch design is different. The lid can be used to protect the typewriter from dust and is certainly useful for storing it but to be able to use it as a carry case you would need to fasten a strap around it.

This is a lovely well made working typewriter in a great colour and working condition . 

Delivery from our UK workrooms directly to you anywhere within Australia is included in the price. You just need to allow 5-7 working days for delivery.


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