1962 Hermes Media 3

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 This wonderful and iconic Hermes Media 3 typewriter was made in Switzerland in 1962 and comes in the standard Hermes pastel green colour with mint green keys ,space bar and carriage knobs  .Hermes typewriters were designed and made in Switzerland by Paillard before production moved to France and then to Brazil . They have a good reputation as wonderfully engineered and made machines , as you would expect from the Swiss .This one is in full working order , has a slightly larger "Pica" sized font giving you 10 letters to the inch and has a few accented keys and the Dutch " ij " key . The Media 3 is basically the same as the Hermes 3000 with the same styling and design but just doesn't have a Tabulator function and Touch Regulator.

We have given it a clean ,professional service, adjusted and tested it and fitted a new ribbon so its all ready for you to start typing on .

It is in a good general condition but does have some very small marks mainly low down at the back corners , the front edge and a few marks around the keys which have at some stage been touched up .There is also a few small touch up marks on the space bar . It comes with a copy of the original instruction booklet showing all its features and giving tips such as changing the ribbon and setting the margins  . The body of the typewriter  measures 32 cms by 33 cms by 14 cms high .

Group 9 typewriter ribbons can be purchased from us when required . They are priced from $12.50  including postage and come is plain black or two tone red and black or we have a range of other colour options in a Universal ribbon. A ribbon will last you a long time . To give you an idea , in an office environment with someone using a typewriter professionally a ribbon would last them around 3 months.

This Hermes Media 3  comes with a carry case lid which clips down over the typewriter and provides you with a handle to carry it around . On the inside of the lid is a metal frame for your paperwork . The case is also in a  good condition with just a few small marks in places mainly to the silver chrome work on the handle.

This is a lovely and well made Hermes typewriter in a great colour and working condition . 


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"My Olivetti arrived a couple days ago. Got a chance to test it out and it works like a dream (you wouldn’t guess it was nearly half a century old). Thank you for including the original metal spools, it adds a great touch to the machine. Looking forward to adding another typewriter to the collection sometime soon..." - Jake

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