1958 Empire Aristocrat

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This Empire Aristocrat  typewriter was made in 1958 by the British Typewriter Co in West Bromwich, England who had a license from Paillard 's in Switzerland to make this design which mirrors the Hermes Baby typewriters. This one is in a metallic green / grey colour with a subtle textured finish to the metal body and has dark green / grey keys with the shift, backspace and margin release keys highlighted in red. It has the  "elite" sized type face giving you 13 letters to the inch. Please note this machine can only use a single colour ribbon. You can't use a two tone ribbon on this one.

 It is in a good general condition for its age with just a few small marks to the paintwork, mainly at the front and corners and the back from where the carry case has rubbed over the years and some very minor wear to a few of the keys. The spools and ribbon are accessed by folding back the" gull wing" metal covers. The Empire Aristocrat branding on the top left is in a nice condition and it has the usual manufacturers details on the back and " Made in England " on the front edge. 

This typewriter has been professionally cleaned, serviced, adjusted and tested. It is in full working order and is fitted with a new top quality American made Group 9 ribbon so its all ready for you to start typing on.

We can supply Group 9 typewriter ribbons from $13.90 each including postage. Available in plain black and a range of Universal ribbons in other plain colour options.  

The typewriter measures 29 cm by 28 cm by 7 cm high and comes with a metal clip on carry case lid with a slide out handle. The case is also in a good functional condition with some small signs of wear and marks.

This is a lovely working compact "ultra " portable typewriter in a nice condition that doesn't take up too much desk space. We also include a photo copy of an original instruction booklet .


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"My Olivetti arrived a couple days ago. Got a chance to test it out and it works like a dream (you wouldn’t guess it was nearly half a century old). Thank you for including the original metal spools, it adds a great touch to the machine. Looking forward to adding another typewriter to the collection sometime soon..." - Jake

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