A Life Time of Typewriter Service

 We first met Terry in 2012 when we went to see him with a troublesome Olivetti typewriter and asked him to give it a service and repair it . Since then we saw him pretty well every week for many years and the assortment and variety of typewriters grew and grew. 

Terry ( Cooksley ) runs the Antique Typewriter Service in Sydney and has spent his whole life repairing and servicing typewriters. He trained as a typewriter technician in London from the age of 18 and arrived in Sydney in 1961.

We loved sitting in his workshop amongst masses of typewriter parts and discussing different models, features and functions over a cup of coffee. Terry has plenty of stories of going into the big banks and offices and their typing pools in Sydney's CBD in the 60's to service the many typewriters and although things have obviously changed since then he is currently busier than ever ( we like to think we may have had something to do with that ).

Terry has a fine collection of typewriters himself, many of which he has restored. 

Here at Charlie Foxtrot its has been wonderful to work with someone with such amazing experience.