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Kodak Coloursnap  35mm Camera
$95.00 Kodak Coloursnap 35mm Camera
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Speedway Queen Trophy Cup
$149.00 Speedway Queen Trophy Cup
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Telephone , Working 1950's  Bakelite
$265.00 Telephone , Working 1950's Bakelite
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Typewriter, Imperial 1953 - Good Companion No 3
$395.00 Typewriter, Imperial 1953 - Good Companion No 3
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 Shop vintage at Charlie Foxtrot from objects sourced from the far flung corners of the old Empire and created to form a unique range. Whether you are looking to add a piece of history to your life , buy a beautiful gift for someone special or have a passion for the designs of the 30's , 40's and 50's  we invite you to browse through our online store .The ethos of the Charlie Foxtrot brand is driven by the inspiration of the generation who gave so much through the Second World War and particularly highlighted by the fighter pilots and crews of the RAF who turned the tide during the Battle of Britain.