Typewriter , Imperial 1938 - The Good Companion 1

  Imperial typewriters were made in Leicester in England and the Good Companion model was first launched in 1932 . It was named after J. B. Priestley's book " The Good Companions" which had been published at the same time and the collaboration with Priestley helped sell a huge number of Imperial typewriters .

This model is a number 1 and was made in 1938 and has a metal body in a wonderful shiny black enamel colour with classic round vintage creme keys with silver chrome surrounds and the letters and numbers in black and has the rarer feature of some maths and algebra characters  at the right hand side of the keys . It has in gold " Manufactured by the Imperial Typewriter Company Ltd Leicester England " on the back , the "Imperial " logo  at the front ,  "Made in Leicester England " on the front bar and the wonderful royal warrant crest on the top right side as well as the silver chrome finials on top of each metal spool .This model has the larger " Pica " type so types 10 letters to the inch . Please note there is some reflection of the map behind on the black enamel body of the typewriter in some of our images .

This typewriter has been professionally cleaned, serviced, adjusted and tested. It is in full working order and fitted with a new black ribbon so it's ready for you to start typing! 

There are a few minor marks to the body of the typewriter but generally it is in a wonderful condition.The silver chromework is also very nice.

We can supply Universal Group 1 typewriter ribbons when required  at $12.50 each including postage. You would then rewind the new ribbon onto the existing metal spools. A ribbon will last you a long time and to give you an idea , in an office environment with someone using a typewriter professionally a ribbon would last them around 3 months .

It comes with a case which has a few marks , some discolouration and some wear , particularly to the lining on the inside ,but is generally in a good functional condition . It has a latch to close the case and a handle .You can keep the typewriter on its base board or take it off easily if you wish by unscrewing the screws underneath.  We also include a photocopy of an original instruction booklet .

 The typewriter measures 28cms by 28 cms by 11 cms high and the case is 34 cms by 34 cms and 12 cms high .

This is a fabulous 1930's Imperial typewriter in a classic black enamel and in a good working order for it's age. With the rarer maths and algebra keys this would make a fabulous gift for the budding mathemetician , engineer or scientist !

Delivery anywhere within Australia is included in the price.

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